Flash – You Need to Upgrade Your Adobe Flash Player to Watch This Video

by Tony on April 13, 2011

I had a customer bring his laptop in to have some malware removed. As he was leaving he also asked me to update flash because he couldn’t watch Youtube videos. I noted his request on the work order not really giving it much thought. Really, how much trouble is it to press the upgrade button?


After spending about 20 minutes removing a metric boatload of malware and the infamous tdss rootkit I declared the Windows demons exorcised and moved on to his flash request. I followed the standard procedure for installing flash. The installation completed successfully and I restarted IE. Upon visiting Youtube I was greeted with the same message.

Super. I checked the IE security settings, then checked to see if the plugin was enabled. Again, everything appeared fine. I went to the Adobe Flash Troubleshooting page and followed the manual reinstallation procedure. Again, same problem. Then, towards the bottom of the page I found this little gem.

The gist of the fix is to open regedit and navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\{D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000}\
Check for an entry named “Compatibility Flags” and either delete this entry or change its value to 0. I deleted the registry entry and checked Youtube in IE once more and flash was working again.

In the end I spent 30 minutes working on the flash issue
10 minutes more than I spent removing the malware and rootkit. The customer is happy and that’s what really matters but I friggin’ hate flash.

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Bob Sloan July 28, 2012 at 10:53 pm

I use DuckDuckGo and don’t usually have Shockwave Flash Object enabled so I can avoid lots of bandwidth wasting ads. I Updated Adobe Flash to 11.3.300.268 because some site said I needed to. Youtube still wanted me to install it again so I did. But Youtube still said “You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video”. In IE9, I did Tools/Manage add-ons/Toolbars and Extensions, and enabled Shockwave Flash Object. Now Youtube plays videos. I will have to remember to turn this back off to avoid ads. This needs fixed. Videos & ads should play only when I tell them to. The message that I needed to upgrade Flash was bogus. It should have said the Shockwave Flash add-on was disabled.


H.A.Bugvi July 3, 2013 at 8:36 am

Dear! thanks very much. It is useful and also solved my problem. Wish you good health regards.
HA Bugvi Islamabad


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